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Aimpoint Red Dot Sights - Pro | Micro | Comp

Aimpoint optics considered by many to be the pinnacle of red dot scopes.  These sights aren’t aimed at the budget minded user, and while Aimpoint sights are popular with military, and law enforcement personnel, they also have a very strong following in the civilian market.



AR-15 with OpticQuality – One of the first signs of the quality of an Aimpoint red dot sight is their battery life; other manufactures that use the same battery types get no where near the battery life of Aimpoint scopes. These untis are hand assembled in Sweden as opposed to many cheaper models which are often made in China. Also, many models in the Aimpoint line are used by military and law enforcement sectors and are therefore built with durability and dependability in mind.


Battery Life – Aimpoints are known for having incredible battery life; so much so that you can actually measure battery life in years rather than hours. These models are powered by a variety of different battery options depending on the model. Batteries used as power sources include: CR 2032, DL 1/3N, and AA. Regardless of what type of battery any particular model uses it won’t have to be changed very often.


Variety – These scopes are available in many different series and models with options for tactical use, recreational use, and even hunting. The variety of shapes and styles in the Aimpoint red dot line up is extensive with some options being 9” long and weighing over nine ounces, and other models being less than 2.5” and weighing three ounces. Furthermore, many models are available with or without night vision capability giving the shooter even more options within a particular series.


Reticles – These units use either a 2 MOA or a 4 MOA red dot for aiming purposes. Most optics series in the Aimpoint line feature either one or the other of these dot sizes; however, the 9000 line and the CompM3 line both have models that are available with either a 2 MOA or a 4 MOA dot. Note these are individual models i.e. you cannot switch from 2 MOA to 4 MOA.


Popular Aimpoint Sights



Comp ML3

Comp M4s


Picture Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic Aimpoint Comp3ML Aimpoint Comp M4s Aimpoint T-1 Aimpoint H-1
Est. Price $425 $550 $810 $675 $585
Dot Size 2 MOA 2 MOA





Length 5.1" 5.1" 4.7" 2.4" 2.4"
Weight 7.8oz 7.8oz 9.3oz 3.7oz 3.7oz
Battery Type DL 1/3N DL 1/3N AA CR 2032 CR 2032
Battery Life 30,000 hrs 50,000 hrs 80,000 hrs 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs


Top Models

Aimpoint PRO – The PRO, which stands for Patrol Rifle Optic, features a 2 MOA dot and is run by a DL 1/3N battery which gives the unit power for about 30,000 hours of use on a medium high brightness setting. The Aimpoint PRO can be used with Night Vision equipment and is waterproof to 150 feet. The Patrol Rifle Optic also comes with a mount suitable for use on a Picatinny rail and includes a riser for use on AR-15 style rifles when the operator wants to co-witness the optic with the front sight.


Aimpoint Comp M3 – Like the Comp M2 line the Comp M3 series also consist of two models one of which is night vision compatible (the Comp M3) and one of which is not compatible with night vision gear (the Comp ML3). The Comp M-3 series can be had in either a 2 MOA dot version or a 4 MOA dot version both of which are powered by a DL 1/3N battery and feature a 50,000 hour runtime on a medium high brightness level.  Like the Comp M2 line the Comp M3 line is mounted to a firearm by use of one 30mm scope ring.  The Comp M3 scopes are also waterproof to 150 feet and come with a black rubber cover for addition protection of unit.


Aimpoint Comp M4 - Once again the Comp M4 series is offered in two models the Comp M4 and Comp M4s. Both of these models are compatible with night vision gear and can run for about 80,000 hours on one AA battery; the difference in two models is the placement of the battery compartment and brightness control knob. The standard Aimpoint CompM4 has the battery compartment and brightness control knob at about the 1 o’clock position like most Aimpoints red dot sights, while the CompM4s has these positioned at about the 5 o’clock position which allows for a more compact design. All Comp M4 series red dot scopes come with an integrated mount, an anti reflective device lens filter, and bikini style lens covers.


Aimpoint T1 & H1– The smallest and one of the most popular optics in the line up is the T1 series red dot sight. The Aimpoint Micro T1 is only 2.4” long, weighs 3.7 oz with a mount, and features a 4 MOA  red dot reticle. The T1 is waterproof to 80 feet, works with night vision devices, and runs off a CR 2032 battery. Because of its small size this sight can be used on a huge array of different weapons, and can be used alone or with a magnifier as a primary optic, or even mounted on top of a traditional scope and used as a secondary optic. For those that don’t need night vision compatibility, the H-1 series is very similar to the T-1 with a few minor changes to the finish and waterproof rating and sells at a noticeable discount to the T1 model.


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