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Vortex SPARC Red Dot Scope Review

The Vortex SPARC, which stands for Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat, is a well respected red dot sight like its brother the Vortex Strikefire. This unit's compact size makes it suitable for use on a wide variety of firearm types, and its price makes it more affordable than options from EOTech or Aimpoint.


SPARC Overview
Controls - The Vortex SPARC red dot scope has its controls setup up much like the Strikefire. The on/off button, adjustable intensity buttons, and the NV mode button are all the left side of the unit. Furthermore, the elevation dial is protected by screw on turret caps and is located on top of the unit, and the elevation dial is of a similar set up and found on the right side.


2 MOA Red Dot - The 2 MOA dot offers greater precision in aiming, especially as the distance increases. The MOA size of a red dot optic is always a trade off, large dots are ideal for quick shots on close targets; while small dots offer more precision on longer shots. So it really depends on what ranges the majority of your shooting will be at as to what size dot you should get. Keep in mind that a 2 MOA dot will cover a circle sized area close to 2” in diameter at 100 yards, and a 4 MOA size dot will cover a circle sized area pretty close to 4” in diameter at 100 yards.


Included Accessories - The SPARC ships with some accessories to help you get the optic set up. First, the optic is shipped with a low mount, high mount, and mount shim that can be used in different combinations to get the right mounting height. The mounts are made to attach to either a Weaver or Picatinny style base. The sight also comes with a 2x thread in magnifier for use at longer ranges.


Options Accessories - These units are also compatible with several accessories in the Vortex catalog. First, is a Swing Mount which when used in conjunction with a magnifier that can be mounted directly behind the scope to increase its magnification, or it can be rotated out of the way so the unit can be used like normal without magnification. Vortex also makes an anti-reflection device that can be inserted into the objective lens opening. These are the round honeycomb looking disc that are used to keep light from reflecting off a scope’s objective lens and giving away your position.


Vortex SPARC Overview



Vortex Red Dot Scope


2 MOA Dot

10 Illumination Settings

Parallax Free Beyond 50 yards

2x Magnifier Included

Vortex Website


Configurations Competition

Red Dot 1x22

Reflex Sights

Vortex Strikefire




Vortex SPARC vs. Vortex Strikefire
While both the SPARC and Stikefire have many features in common they are also different in a number of areas as well. To help highlight the differences and similarities of these two models we put together a side by side comparison chart for quick reference of key stats and features of both the Vortex SPARC and Vortex Strikefire.

SPARC vs Strikefire

Model SPARC Strikefire
Picture Vortex SPARC Vortex Strikefire
Estimated Price $199 $169
Configuration 1x22mm 1x25mm
Magnifier - Included 2x 2x
Dot Size 2 MOA 4 MOA
Adjustable Dot Intensity 10 Settings 10 Settings
Night Vision Compatible Yes Yes
Length 3" 6.1"
Weight 5.2oz 7.2oz
Adj. Clicks 1 MOA .5 MOA
Models Available Bright Red Bright Red or Red/Green
Battery CR2354 CR2 Lithium
Mount - Included High and Low Mount + Shim Choice of 30mm Ring
Base - NOT Included Weaver or Picatinny Weaver or Picatinny


Okay so the Vortex SPARC review turned more into a SPARC vs. Strikefire comparison but the reality is that they both appeal to the same crowd; namely those looking for a good combat style red dot optic that doesn’t cost at least $500 dollars. Both these sights are popular with this group of shooters. Those wanting a more compact red dot sight, or more precision aiming for longer shots would probably be best served by the Vortex SPARC; while those that want a larger reticle dot for closer distances, or those who are on a tight budget would be a good candidate for Vortex Strikefire.

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