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Riflescopespy.com was started as a pet project that quickly got out of hand growing to a much larger website than originally envisioned. Initially the website was going to focus exclusively on hunting rifle scopes; however, as the line between hunting and other types of scopes is often blurred, the range of content on Riflescopespy quickly expanded to include coverage of a wide variety of firearm optics.



Are the reviews based on first hand experience with the model?
No, not usually. The expense of this would be overwhelming; reviews are based on optics knowledge gained in the field, from talking to people in the industry, asking lots of questions, and a border line obsessive compulsive research disorder. I also have had the good fortune of having access to a large number of firearms (and by default riflescopes) outside my own collection as most all my friends and family are also active shooting enthusiasts. So over the years I have had a pretty good exposure to many, but certainly not all, of the different brands and styles of riflescopes available.


Who are you?
I’m a thirties something outdoorsman, web designer, and hunting gear fan. Sorry no elite special forces guy or TV hunting show host here, just a regular guy that likes hunting and hunting gear. While I spend the majority of my time hunting big game with a bow these days, I still keep the rifles in action varmint and predator hunting as well as punching paper.


Why don’t you have ‘XYZ’ scopes listed?
This is usually for one of two reasons. First, sometimes the manufacture’s website and/or catalog offer no real useful information on the models (it truly is amazing how some of these companies stay in business). Second, there are only so many hours in the day and while Riflescopespy is one of my favorite projects I have other projects that take up a lot of time as well.


What scope should I put on my new rifle Model A or Model B?
I get a lot of these emails and I try and answer them all the best I can. However, if you have this question, keep a few things in mind. I probably won’t have extensive first hand use of the specific models you are interested in. Second, the more info you give me about what you are hunting, at what distances, and with what rifle/caliber will all play into account when selecting a riflescope. To ask questions check out the Contact page.


Thanks for Stopping By

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