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Redfield Rifle Scopes - Revolution Leads to Revenge

Redfield rifle scopes were once "the" scope to put on your hunting rifle.  However, back in the late 1990's the company went under, and the brand was bought and sold and generally bounced around for a number of years.  Fortunately for Redfield fans, the Redfield brand was acquired by Leupold & Stevens, one of the most respected optics maker in the business, and things have been looking up for the once proud brand ever since. Following on their success with the Revolution scope series, Redfield decided to introduce another line of affordable hunting scopes. The new Revenge series has a total of five magnification and objective configurations and features versions suitable for use on large game and varmints.


Revenge Scopes
Accu-ranger – Many of the scopes in the Redfield Revenge line can be had with the new Accu-ranger rangefinding reticle. Now this isn’t a laser rangefinder like a Burris Eliminator, but is more like a bracketing system sort of like a Bushnell scope with their DOA  reticle, although it works a little differently. The Accu-ranger uses a bracketing system based on a animals body, you turn the scopes magnification ring until the animal fits in the bracket, while your are turning the power ring a small horizontal line moves up the top part of the scope and markings on the top post of the reticle correspond to a different distances. Once the animal fits in the bracket you read the distance that correspond with the horizontal line and that gives you the range to the animal. Finally, you turn the scope to maximum magnification and place the holdover mark that represents that distance and place it directly on the animal.  Are you confused yet? This Redfield video should clear things up.


Revenge Comparison Chart







Picture 6-18x44mm 4-12x42mm 3-9x52mm 3-9x42mm 2-7x34mm


$249 - $269 $209 - $229 $199 - $219 $169 - 179 $139 - $179
Length 14.5" 14.1" 12.4" 12.4" 11.3"
Weight 29.8 oz? 15.3 oz 17.1 oz 14.8 oz 13.6 oz
Eye Relief 3.5" 3.5" 3.5" 3.5" 3.5"
Field of View 19.2' - 6' 24.6' - 7.9' 32.7' - 11.5' 32.9' - 11.4' 43.1' - 13.2'

 Fine Plex







  Sabot ML




Redfield Revenge 6-18x44
Revenge 6-18x44


Refield Revenge 6-18x44 - The largest member of the Revenge line of scopes, the 6-18x44 version can be had with either a Accu-ranger Varmint reticle or a fine plex reticle. According to the literature on the Redfield website, and downloadable PDF this scope weighs 29.8 ounces; however, this seems unlikely for a 1” main tube scope, especially when considering the 4-12x42 models is listed as 15.3oz. Regardless, the Revenge 6-18x44 is probably best suited for target and varmint work and is equipped with an adjustable objective to correct parallax.



Redfield Revenge 4-12x42
Revenge 4-12x42


Redfield Revenge 4-12x42 – The Redfield Revenge 4x12x42 model is the next scope in the line up, at least when going by magnification. This rifle scope can be had with a 4-Plex duplex style reticle, or an Accu-range varmint or hunter reticle. The version with the duplex would probably be best for those who want to use it for a dual purpose scope, both for deer and predator hunting. The Accuranger hunter version would be a good choice for those hunting deer in open country where the shots are often at extended ranges. Those looking strictly for a varmint hunting scope would probably be better off with the 6-18x44 version as that scope offers more magnification and is equipped with an adjustable objective.



Redfield Revenge 3-9x52
Revenge 3-9x52


Redfield Revenge 3-9x52 – Because of its larger objective size this unit weighs more than the 4-12x42 version. However, those that want maximum light gathering in a big game scope are used to the added weight and extra cost of this feature. The Redfield Revenge 3-9x52 scopes can be had with a standard duplex reticle or the range estimating Accu-ranger hunter reticle. Just remember this is a 52mm objective and will be even bigger than the more common 3-9x50 variations available from other manufactures. 



Redfield Revenge 3-9x42
Revenge 3-9x42


Refield Revenge 3-9x42 – No good line of big game rifle scopes would be complete without a 3-9x40 model, or close variation. The Revenge 3-9x42 like the 3-9x52 version can be had with the 4-Plex or Accu-range hunter reticle; however, there is also an Accu-ranger Sabot ML version for those looking for an optic for their muzzleloader.



Redfield Revenge 2-7x34
Revenge 2-7x34


Redfield Revenge 2-7x34 – The most compact version of this Redfield scope line, the Revenge 2-7x34 is only 11.3” long and weighs 13.6 ounces making it and ideal candidate of a compact rifle. The 2-7x34 model also is available in a crossbow option featuring a special Accu-ranger Crossbow reticle, which is equipped with the horizontal rangefinding line as well as with holdover marks out to 60 yards. The standard Revenge 2-7x34 model designed for centerfire use is currently only available with the 4-Plex reticle.


Accu-ranger - The idea behind the Accu-ranger reticle series is intriguing, knowing the distance to the target is essential when shooting at long distance. However, we still have some concerns, these range estimations are based on average animal size, but animals do differ in size, so how accurate will these measurements be? While were guessing probably “close enough” on deer sized animals, varmints might be a different story. Also what if the animal isn’t standing broad side, how can you get a good measurement on body size if an animal is grazing up hill? Not saying that these Accu-ranger reticle are good or bad just that a little more investigation and some field reports are needed before making up our mind. That said all models in the Revenge series are available with a standard duplex style reticle, and models with the Accu-ranger reticles feature holdover marks that would be helpful for long distance shooting even if you used some other method like a laser rangefinder to determine the distance.


Distinctive - However, there are a couple of real bright spots for the Revenge line.  First, they are affordable with most of the scopes falling between $150 - $250 which will make them a realistic option for many hunters and shooters. Also, the Redfield Revenge scopes slightly larger objectives differentiate them from much of the competition; for example the 2-7x34 should offer more light gathering ability than its 2-7x32 competitors, and the same goes for the 3-9x42 version when compared to its 3-9x40 competition.


Bottom Line - All in all we are glad to see the Redfield brand back in business and continuing to introduce new riflescopes that are within the price range of most shooters. The Redfield Revenge line also brings some much needed variety to the budget riflescope market with the Accu-ranger reticle and different magnification/objective configurations.  

Revolution Scopes

The initial product line is fairly small with one series of riflescope, two series of binoculars, one model of rangefinder, and one model of spotting scope.  While the entire line is interesting, we'll focus on the rifle scope series (it is a rifle scope website after all). The Redfield Revolution series of rifle scope is available in four popular magnification options: 2-7x33, 3-9x40, 3-9x50 and 4-12x40. Each model is available in a matte finish, and with two reticle options, one plex reticle and the other option is Redfield's Accu-Range Reticle. Physical dimensions of the Revolution are very similar (read pretty much identical) to Leupold's Rifleman series of rifles scope.

Revolution Key Information

Overview 2-7 x 33mm 3-9 x 40mm Resources

Made in USA

Illuminator Lens System

Accu-Trac Adjustments

Water and Fog Proof

2-7x33mm 3-9x40mm


Options 3-9 x 50mm 4-12 x 40mm Competition

2-7 x 33mm

3-9 x 40mm

3-9 x 50mm

4-12 x 40mm

3-9x50mm 4-12x40mm

Nikon Prostaff

Leupold Rifleman

Bushnell Trophy XLT


Click Here For Revolution Pricing and Availability

The Redfield Revolution features a lens system that is designed for both optical clarity and water shedding capability.  Unlike its close relative, the Leupold Rifleman, the Revolution makes windage and elevation adjustments in 1/4" increments, and does so with audible clicks both of which are positives in our book.  The Revolution is made in America, which is unusual for a scope line who's 3-9x40 models sell for under $200.

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