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Tactical Scopes

There are a wide variety of tactical scopes on the market today. They can range anywhere from tiny red dot sights weighing only a couple ounces to long range scopes with high magnification scopes over a foot long weighing up to three pounds. Below are the three main categories we have broken the tactical scope category into.




AR 15 Scopes - These scopes are designed to be used on AR 15 and similar style rifles that fire the 5.56 Natop round or the civilian 223 Remington. Even within this sub category there is a wide range of models. This page gives a general overview of some of the most popular models and then provides links to our more indepth reviews of specific models.


Tactical Long Range Scopes - Most of the scopes in this category look like the larger scopes often found on varmint or target rifles at least a first glance. This article explains the key features and options usually found on long range tactical scopes. Again links to our my indepth looks on select models are provided.


Red Dot Sights - While a red dot sight can be suitable for a wide variety of shooting applications they are also well suited for close range tactical situations. This page breaks red dot optics down into four distinct sub categories and provides links to further research on a handful of models.


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