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Millett Scopes - Tactical and Practical

Although the brand has been around since the 1970’s, Millett scopes were not added to the company’s line until almost 2000. Originally the company was at the forefront of the metal injection molding manufacturing process and first came into the shooting industry in the 1980’s making pistol sights.  Now owned by parent company Bushnell, Millet makes rifles scopes, red dot scopes, rings, bases, and mounts.  Currently Millett rifle scopes come in four unique series: LRS, TRS, DMS, and Buck Gold.


Millett Scopes Comparison Chart

Model LRS TRS Buck Gold DMS
Picture Long Range Scope Tactical Rifle Scope Buck Gold Designated Marksman Scope
Est. Price $450 - $675(camo) $300 - $475 $325 - $400 $225 - $350(camo)
Options 6-25 x 56mm 4-16 x 50mm
4-16 x 56mm
10 x 56mm
4-16 x 56mm
6-25 x 56mm
1-4 x 24mm


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LRS – The Long Range Scope series has only one model a 6-25 x 56mm with five total variations of reticles and finishes. The most unique feature of the LRS series is that it is built on a one piece 35mm main tube. These scopes utilize a Mil-DotBar reticle for long range shooting and are available in both illuminated or non-illuminated models. The Mil-Dot Bar reticles are also glass etched for strength and their website states the LRS scopes are suitable for large calibers like the 50 BMG. The 56mm bell on these models also aids in obtaining a brighter sight picture. Like most high end tactical scopes, the LRS scopes use a side focus knob for adjusting parallax.


TRS – The Tactical Rifle Series is also relatively small line of Millett scopes with only three options: 4-16 x 50mm, 4-16 x 56mm, and a 10 x 50mm, all of which are built on a 30mm tube. Like the LRS scopes, the TRS scopes use the Mil-DotBar reticle; however, all models in the TRS series have adjustable intensity green illuminated reticles. The TRS scopes all have three and a half inches of eye relief and their lenses have been multi-coated for increased light transmission. Parallax corrections of these models are also handled by use of a side adjustment knob.


Buck Gold – The Buck Gold series of scopes contains two magnification options: 4-16x 56mm, and 6-25 x 56mm, again both are built on a 30mm main tube. Like the above models the Buck Gold features a side focus parallax adjustment knob; however, unlike the above models the Buck Gold scopes do not use the Mil-DotBar reticle instead these models are offered with either a duplex, target dot, or standard mil-dot reticle. These scopes also have specially coated lenses for increase light transmission.


DMS – The Designated Marksman Scope series has only one option which is a 1-4x 24 scope which is built on a 30mm tube. The Designated Marksman Scope series are the only Millett scopes to feature a Donut-Dot reticle, which features an 18 MOA ring for quick targeting at close range, and then has a 1 MOA dot in the center for more precise shooting at longer distances. The DMS scopes are available in either a standard black matte finish or a camouflage finish that Millet calls ATAC. This magnification range has become popular on AR-15 scopes because they allow for quick close range shooting but are also capable combat accuracy out to several hundred yards.

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