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Zombie Scope & Optic Comparisons

Like it or not the zombie craze is going strong with no signs of weakening. Even the major optics manufactures have recognized how strong this trend is and have started making scopes specially for these fans of the undead.



While there is no set criteria on what makes a good zombie optic, most of them seem to be designed for close to intermediate ranges. Next, while most of these optics would work on a variety of different firearms, in general they seemed to be well suited if not targeted for use on AR-15 style rifles. Finally, to some degree or another all of these optics feature bright markings, symbols, or wording that identify them with the zombie movement.


Zombie Scope Comparison

Model Sightmark
Ultra Shot - Z
AR Zombie
Zombie Stopper
Skull Tac
Est. Price $109 $139 $199 $499 $629
Mag/Obj 1x 1 x 32mm 1.5-6 x 32mm 1x 1-4 x 24mm
 F.O.V 100yds 35m @100m 44' 65.5' - 14.8' 90' 100' - 32'
Eye Relief Unlimited Unlimited 3.6" unlimited 4" - 3.5"
Weight 8.6 oz 15.6 oz 16.5 oz 8 oz 25 oz
Length 3.6" 6.8" 10.9" 3.5" 11.3"


Sightmark Z Series - This Sightmark zombie sight has a built in Weaver mount and features a quick detach mounting lever. When viewed from behind, the left side has a rheostat to control the brightness settings of unit's green reticle. On the other side is a section of Weaver railing to mount an accessory such as a visible laser. The top of this unit features a large bright green Z to signify it is a zombie designated optic.


Bushnell AR Zombie - Like the Sightmark, this Bushnell zombie optic also features a built in Weaver mount although it lacks the quick detach lever and uses more standard slotted mounting bolts to secure the optic to the mount. This Bushnell features a selectable red or green reticle whose intensity can be controlled by a side mounted knob.  The Bushnell AR Zombie also features a front post and rear notch sight on top of the optic as a built in backup sight. This sight is clearly identified as being intended for use on the undead by the brightly colored wording "Zombie Assault" on the side.


Weaver Kaspra Zombie - This Weaver zombie scope has an illuminated green reticle that they are calling Z-CIRT which stands for Zombie Close Intermediate Range Tactical. The Kaspra Zombie scope features a 1.5-6x magnification range and is built on a 30mm main tube. The scope is marked with a green bio-hazard symbol on the rear eyepiece of the scope and also comes with various stickers to further deck it out as a zombie optic if desired.


EOTech XPS2 Zombie - The EOTech Zombie Stopper as it is known is a full fledged EOTech XPS2 holographic sight that has a couple of unique features. This optic actually features a bio-hazard aiming reticle by placing a small red aiming dot inside the center circle of the bio-hazard logo. This optic is powered by a single CR123 battery and will run the sight for around 600 hours depending on what brightness level is selected. The exterior of this sight features the bio-hazard logo on top and a picture of a skull on the side with the words "Zombie Stopper".


Burris Skull Tac - The Burris Skull Tac is built on a 30mm main tube and has an illuminated reticle that features hold over dots out to 600 yards for the 223/5.56 round. The Skull Tac can be purchased as just the scope or in a package with a Burris P.E.P.R. mount and a Fastfire III red dot sight attached to the top. The 1-4x24mm scope features a unique almost urban camouflage type pattern that is made up of numerous skulls.


Our Thoughts

Each of these optics brings its own unique styling to the table and are actually real optics and not just some gimmicky toy. While intended use will play a big part in what is the right optic for your Zombie weapon of choice; the Weaver Kaspra Zombie seems to have found the right mixture of function, fantasy, and affordability. The Kaspra is well set up to handle close to intermediate range targets, incorporated the Zombie theme into its reticle and exterior without going over the top, and finally came in at a price that is attainable by most.


Weaver Kaspra Zombie - Buy Now >>


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