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2-7 Rifle Scope Comparisons and Specifications

One of the most popular magnifications of compact scopes on the market, the 2-7x33 scope and its close variations often get the call when a standard 3-9x40 scope is just too big. The smaller 2-7x33 rifle scopes are a good match for compact and lightweight firearms; however, they still offer enough magnification and light gathering ability for many big game hunters. These scopes can often be found on mountain rifles as they aid in keeping the weight of the setup down. Currently there is a good selection of 2-7x33 (or close equivalents like 2-8x32 and 2-7x32 models) on the market. Top quality rifle scope makers like Leupold, Nikon, Burris, and Refield all have variations of this magnification range. Below are a couple of charts for quick comparison across brands of top models of these scopes.


2-7x33 Scopes $300 - $400


VX 3





Picture* Leupold VX 3 Nikon M-223 Leupold Ultralight Nikon Monarch Leupold VX-2
Est. Price $399 $329 $329 $299 $315
Mag/Obj** 2.5-8 x 36mm 2-8 x 32mm 2-7 x 28mm 2-8 x 32mm 2-7 x 33mm
F.O.V 37.5' - 13.7' 46.2' - 11.5' 41.7' - 16.5' 46.2' - 11.5' 42.5' -17.8'
Eye Relief 4.5" - 3.6" 4" - 3.8" 3.8" - 3" 4" - 3.8" 4.9" - 3.8"
Weight 11.4oz 15.1oz 8.5oz 13.4oz 10.5oz
Length 11.4" 11.5" 9.9" 11.5" 10.9"



Leupold VX-3 – While the VX-3 1.75-6x32 model offers a little less magnification than the other rifle scopes in this category it appeared to be a better fit than the Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x36, which basically splits the difference between the 3-9x40 and 2-7x33 configurations. The 1.75-6x32 VX-3 is available in matte black only and can be had with either a standard duplex or heavy duplex crosshair, and the shooter can adjust the scope for windage and elevation in 1/4 moa.


Nikon M-223 – Many shooters looking for a small compact scope like a 2-7x33 are looking to mount them on a lightweight carbine such as an AR-15; Nikon realized this and introduced the M-223 which is specifically designed for firearms chambered in 5.56 NATO or 223 Remington. The Nikon M-223 2-8x32 comes in two versions, one with a standard duplex style reticle that has a specially calibrated turret for quick elevation adjustments out to 600 yards; while the second version has a unique Nikon BDC reticle with holdover circles that are calibrated for the 223 Rem. Cartridge out to 600 yards.


Leupold Ultralight – Again a bit of a toss up Leupold also offers a 3-9x33 which would have fit pretty well in this category as well. However, since this is a 2-7x compact scope comparison page the 2-7x28 version was chosen. The Ultralight 2-7x28 is a member of the Leupold VX-2 family of optics, and as its name implies in extremely light, and is easily the lightest of the scopes compared in this category. This scope is offered in gloss black and dials in windage and elevation adjustments in 1/4 moa.


Nikon Monarch – As you can see by the chart the Monarch 2-8x32 is very similar to the Nikon M-223 AR 15 scope, but is a more traditional offering that can be used on a wide variety of guns/cartridges. The most noticeable difference is that the standard Nikon Monarch 2-8x32 version comes with hunting style windage and elevation turrets which are protected caps, and features a standard BDC reticle that can be calibrated to you specific cartridge and ammo at the Nikon Spot On website.


Leupold VX-2 – Unlike the Leupold Ultralight version, this compact VX-2 is offered in a more standard 2-7x33 configuration and is finished in a matte black instead of gloss black. The Leupold VX-2 2-7x33 can be had with either a standard duplex reticle or the LR Duplex reticle which features a couple hold over marks for shooting at longer distances. This VX-2 is about 2oz heavier and an inch longer than the Ultralight version but also cost about $30 dollars less.


2-7x33 Scopes $100 - $250



Fullfield II




Picture* Leupold VX-1

Burris Fullfield II

Leupold Rifleman

Redfield Revolution

Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scopes
Est. Price $229 $149 $209 $165 $149
Mag/Obj** 2-7 x 33mm 2-7 x 35mm 2-7 x 33mm 2-7 x 33mm 2-7 x 32mm
F.O.V 43.2' - 17.3' 45' -13' 43.2' - 17.3' 43.2' - 17.3' 44.5' - 12.6'
Eye Relief 4.2" - 3.7" 4.1" - 3.1" 4.2" - 3.7" 4.2" - 3.7" 3.9" - 3.8"
Weight 10.5oz 12oz 11.1oz 11.1oz 12oz
Length 10.8" 11.4" 11" 11" 11.2"

* Pictures are representative of the scope series not necessarily a 2-7x33 model.

** Not all models are exactly 2-7 x 33mm

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