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Leupold VX-3 Review

Nearly every favorable Leupold VX 3 review we read had a highly favorable comment about the its clear and bright optics, with many bragging on the scopes low light capabilities. As with many of Leupold's scopes, reviews often mentioned the scopes ruggedness and ability to hold zero as major positives of this rifle scope. The majority of owners felt the craftsmanship and quality of this scope is top notch. Rounding out the positive comments, this Leupold rifle scope also received high marks for being made in America as well as carrying a lifetime warranty. Purchasers of models with the CDS (Custom Dial System) where also pleased with this feature that is a custom calibrated elevation dial matched to a specific cartridge and load. There was also similar praise for those that had purchased scope with Leupold’s B&C reticle. On the negative side of the comments, some reviewers felt that this model’s price was too high; however, others mentioned that they thought this scope was as good as more expensive European models and priced lower. So no general consensus was able to be drawn based on user reviews regarding the price issue.


Leupold VX 3 Key Information

Overview 1.5-5 x 20mm 3.5-10 x 40mm Resources

DiamondCoat 2

Argon/Krypton Filled

Lifetime Guarantee


1.5-5x20 3.5-10x40


Options 4.5-14 x 40mm 6.5-20 x 50mm Competition

1.5-5 x 20mm
1.75-6 x 32mm
2.5-8 x 36mm -
3.5-10 x 40mm -
3.5-10 x 50mm -
4.5-14 x 40mm -
4.5-14 x 50mm
6.5-20 x 40mm
6.5-20 x 50mm
8.5-25 x 50mm

4.5-14x40 6.5-20x50

Nikon Monarch


Leupold VX-R


Zeiss Conquest


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If new rifles came with a coupon for a free scope, the Leupold VX3 would probably be on more rifles than any other scope. Hunters and shooters like clear, dependable optics that hold zero, and gather light well for low light shooting situations. The these got top scores on all these factors; add in the lifetime warranty and that fact that they are made in the USA and many people won’t buy any other brand.


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