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Weaver Classic Rifle Scopes with a Modern Edge

Weaver has been making good quality hunting optics for decades, and many of the older generations of hunters are still some of the biggest supporters of this brand. Weaver rifle scopes gained a loyal following with their fixed power K series which were known not only for their clarity but also for outstanding durability. K series scopes were tough, simple, clear and hunters loved them. They also gained a strong following by being among the first manufactures to offer high power target and varmint scopes, here a scope that was clear and had over a 9x magnification had little competition in the early days of target shooting and varmint hunting.



While, the rifle scope market has grown dramatically and the competition has stiffened significantly, Weaver has adapted and many of their scopes have the latest and greatest features in an effort to keep up with the crowd, which is good. However, for the old timers out there, they still offer a Classic series which includes the fixed power K scopes, the variable power V scopes, and the high magnification fixed power T scopes. While these scopes have been updated, one can look at a model like the Classic T scope and it looks very much the same as it did mounted on the “varmint” rifles of years gone by. As a side note many of you may be interested in the new scope mounting kits being produced by Weaver.


Weaver Comparison Chart

Model Super Slam Euro Super Slam Grand Slam Buck Commander Tactical
Picture Super Slam Euro Super Slam Grand Slam

Buck Commander


Est. Price $480 - $710 $425 - $650 $285 - $400 $175 - $260 $430 - $700
Options 1.5-6 x 24mm
3-9 x 56mm
4-20 x 50mm
1-5 x 24mm
2-10 x 42mm
2-10 x 50mm
3-15 x 42mm
3-15 x 50mm
4-20 x 50mm
1.5-5 x 32mm
3-10 x 40mm
3.5-10 x 50mm
4.5-14 x 40mm
6-20 x 40mm
2-8 x 36mm
2.5-10 x 42mm
3-12 x 50mm
4-16 x42mm
1-5 x 24mm
3-15 x 50mm
4-20 x 50mm


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Super Slam Euro - The top of the line hunting scope series, Super Slam Euro scopes feature a 30mm tube and most models are offered with an illuminated reticle. Models that need parallax adjustment come with a side focus knob and these scopes are equipped with a first focal plane reticle.


Super Slam - A high end rifle scope built on a 1” main tube, the Super Slam also features side focus parallax adjustment knobs on model that need it. These rifle scopes feature pull up turrets for quick adjustments, and have an impressive magnification ratio of 5x, for example an standard 3-9x40 has a magnification ration of 3x.


Grand Slam - Probably at the bottom of the high end category or top of the mid level category, the Grand Slam rifle scopes use a one piece one 1” main tube. Their multi coated lenses have a 94% light transmission. An adjustable objective is used to focus higher power models.


Buck Commander - These mid level scopes feature specially coated lenses for both clarity and scratch resistance. The 4x16x42mm models feature a side focus parallax adjustment, and all scopes in this series have a 4x magnification ratio.


Tactical - These high end tactical Weaver rifle scopes are built on a 30mm one piece tube. Tactical scopes feature first focal plane reticles and are filled with argon gas instead of nitrogen. These scopes also have a 5x magnification range and models with illuminated reticles are available.


Weaver Classic Rifle Scope Comparison Chart

Model Classic K Classic V Classic T Classic Rimfire Classic Handgun
Picture Classic K Series Classic V Series Classic T

Classic Rimfire

Classic Handgun

Est. Price $130 - $250 $155 - $380 $380 - $400 $140 - $220 $150 - $210
Options 4 x 28mm
4 x 38mm
6 x 38mm
8 x 56mm
1-3 x 20mm
2-10 x 38mm
2.5-7 x 32mm
3-9 x 38mm
4-16 x 42mm
6-24 x 42mm
24 x 40mm
36 x 40mm
2.5-7 x 28mm
3-9 x 32mm
4 x 28mm
1.5-4 x 20mm
2 x 28mm
2.5-8 x 28mm
4 x 28mm


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Classic K - These fixed power models are built for strength, the Classic K rifle scope line up has been updated with most models now being made out of high quality aluminum; however a steel tube model is still available. They come in a standard black matte finish with Weaver’s Dual X reticle.


Classic V - Built on 1” tubes, the Classic V series is available in a wide variety of configurations. There are seven different reticle options available in this series, and both matte black and silver finish options are available. Coating are also applied to the lenses for both light transmission and scratch resistance.


Classic T – Fixed powered target/varmint scopes, the Classic T models are available in either 24x40mm or 36x40mm version. There are two reticle choices a fine crosshair, or a fine crosshair with small dot. The Classic T makes windage and elevation in 1/8moa increments and features and adjustable objective.


Classic Rimfire - Set parallax free at 50 yards, the Classic Rimfire is a compact scope made for rimfires and airguns. They are made on a 1” one piece tube which is made out of high quality aluminum. While this Weaver scope is available in both matte and silver finishes it is offered with only one reticle, the Dual X.


Classic Handgun – With well over 20 inches of eye relief and set parallax free at 50 yards, the Classic Handgun pistol scope is designed for use on either handguns or specialty pistol/rifles. This model is offered in matte, gloss, or silver finishes and comes with a Dual X reticle.


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