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Zeiss Rifle Scopes – Victory Leads to Conquest

Carl Zeiss is a manufacturer of high end optics for many different industries; fortunately for the outdoorsman they have a strong sport optics division that includes rifle scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, and spotting scopes. Zeiss rifle scopes come in two series, the Victory line which has several sub categories and the Conquest line which does not have sub models.


The Zeiss Victory series is more of what most hunters think of when they think of Euopean optics, i.e. 30mm tubes and $1000+ price tags or in this case often $2000+ price tags. The Conquest series is aimed more at the American market with a 1 inch main tube and a price tag on many models that starts off significantly under $1000. Below is an overview of the different models currently available in the Zeiss line-up.


Zeiss Rifle Scopes Comparison Chart

Model Varipoint Victory FL Diavari Victory Diavari Conquest Diarange


Victory FL Diavari




Est. Price $1850 - $2700 $2400 - $3500 $1650 - $3300 $400 - $950 $3500 - $4000
Options 1.1-4 x 24mm
1.5-6 x 42mm
2.5-10 x 42mm
2.5-10 x 50mm
3-12 x 56mm
4-16 x 50mm
6-24 x 56mm
6-24 x 72mm
1.5-6 x 42mm
2.5-10 x 42mm
2.5 - 10 x 50mm
3-12 x 56mm
6-24 x 56mm
6-24 x 72mm
1.8-5.5 x 38mm
2.5-8 x 32mm
3-9 x 40mm
3-9 x 50mm
3-12 x 56mm
3.5-10 x 44mm
3.5-10 x 50mm
4 x 32mm
4.5-14 x 44mm
4.5-14 x 50mm
6.5-20 x 50mm
2.5-10 x 50mm
3-12 x 56mm


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Victory Varipoint - These Zeiss scopes have options that range from a 1.1-4 x 24mm to a 3-12 x 56mm. There are about a dozen different reticle choices in this line of rifle scopes with many illuminated reticle options available. These high end Zeiss scopes (is it necessary to say high end Zeiss) feature the Zeiss LotuTec lens coating and prices start at close to $2000.


Victory FL Diavari - These models are similar to the standard Diavari except they use fluoride glass, which is suppose to produce and even clearer and sharper image. There are only three options in this series: 4-16 x 50mm, 6-24 x 56mm, and a 6-24 x 72mm. Yes, they really do make a 6-24 x 72mm rifle scope. It weighs 37.5oz, uses a 34mm tube and we’re betting that in gathers light fairly well too.


Victory Diavari - This Zeiss scope is available in six configurations, a 6-24 x 72mm version is also found in the Diavari series. However, there is also a 1.5-6x and a couple 2.5-10x models for those that want a little more traditional rifle scope. The Diavari scopes use Zeiss’s LotuTec lens coating that aids is keeping rain and other debris off the lens and prices begin around the $1650 range.


Victory Diarange - A rangefinder and rifle scope rolled into one unit. The Diarange scopes are available in two magnifications: 2-10 x 50mm, and 3-12 x 56mm. These dual purpose scopes provide ranging out to 999 yards, although you might not be able to range an animal at that distance. The Diarange rifle scopes are available with a number of different illuminated and non illuminated reticles including the Rapid Z reticle series which is popular with long distance shooters.  As you may have guessed these are not cheap, plan on spending close to $4000 to put on of these on your favorite hunting rifle.


Zeiss Conquest - These models use a 1” tube and come eleven different models. A standard 3-9x40 can often be found for $400, which is about 1/5 of the cost of a comparable Victory series model. The Conquest series of Zeiss rifle scope have done quite well in professional and user reviews across the web and are realistically the only opportunity that many sportsmen will have to own a Zeiss scope.


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