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Nikon Rifle Scopes - Spot On with BDC Scope Reticles

While many people may recognize the brand name from their camera division, Nikon rifle scopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and binoculars have made quite a positive impression in the hunting optics community. The Nikon scope line has a reputation for using high quality glass, which when combined with their lens coatings account for some of the clearest optics in the industry. Below are some of the highlights of the different scopes series.


Nikon Prostaff 5 Riflescope with Illumination


BDC - A unique line of holdover reticles;  BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensation. These BDC reticles while at first glance appear to be somewhat similar to a mil-dot style reticle. However, these reticle hold over marks are really not dots at all, they are in fact small circles. The advantage of using a circle instead of a dot is that the target is not blocked by your aiming point.


Spot On - Perhaps one of the best features of the BDC reticles mentioned above is the ability to customize those scopes to the particular bullet, caliber and velocity of the cartridge you are shooting. Basically, you go to the Spot On website enter your scope type, load details and other relevant details and the thier Spot On ballistic calculator will produce a custom printable holdover chart for your particular set up. It is really a pretty simple yet effective system.


Variety - The Nikon rifle scope line up is one of the most complete in the business, it offers optics for crossbows, handguns, shotguns, muzzeloaders, rimfire, and centerfire rifles. Furthermore, they have scopes for nearly every budget with offerings that range from a little over a $100 dollars for some of the entry level Prostaff series, to scopes like the Monarch 3 that are around the $650 dollar mark. Finally, they also offer scopes designed for specific applications such as turkey hunting, predator hunting, and tactical scopes.


Nikon Comparison Chart

Model Monarch 3 Prostaff 5 Coyote Special Prostaff

Nikon Monarch 3 Riflescope
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Nikon Prostaff 5 Riflescope
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Nikon Coyote Special
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Nikon Prostaff Riflescopes
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Est. Price $289 - $649 $279 - $479 $249 - $349 $125 - $225

1-4 x 20mm

2-8 x 32mm
2.5-10 x 42mm

2.5-10 x 50mm
3-12 x 42mm
4-16 x 42mm
4-16 x 50mm
5-20 x 44mm
6-24 x 50mm

2.5-10 x 40mm

2.5x10 x 50mm

3.5-14 x 40mm

3.5-14 x 50mm

4.5 -18 x 40mm

3-9 x 40mm
4-12 x 40mm

2-7 x 32mm

3-9 x 40mm

3-9 x 50mm

4 x 32mm

4-12 x 40mm


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