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Nikon Coyote Special Review

Designed for the serious predator hunter, the Nikon Coyote Special scopes strongly resemble the Buckmasters rifle scope series. There are however some unique aspects of the Coyote models that set in apart from other Nikon scopes.


The Nikon Coyote scope line is offered in three different finish options: standard matte black, Mossy Oak Brush, and Realtree Max-1. The camo options go well with the wide variety of camo guns now being manufactured, and save the shooter from having to apply his own finish to the scope.


Anti Reflective Device
The Coyote Special scopes also come equipped with an Anti Reflective Device, which is designed to keep sun from reflecting off your scope’s lens and giving away your position. This device is a removable circular shaped disc that has a honeycomb type pattern and fits in the objective of the scope.


BDC Predator
These riflescopes uses a special variation of the popular Nikon BDC reticle. The BDC Predator reticle also features the hold over circles of the standard BDC; however, the Predator BDC reticle features larger sized circles more appropriate for coyote hunting. The reticle is calibrated for use with the popular .223 Rem cartridge firing a 55gr. bullet out to 400 yards, or a 22-250 shooting a 55gr bullet out to 450 yards.


Side Focus Parallax
The 4.5-14x40 model in this Nikon series utilize a side focus parallax adjustment (none is needed on the lower power 3-9x40 model). Being able to focus the parallax on the side while still looking through the scope is generally considered to be a major plus as the distance to a fast moving varmint, like a coyote, can change dramatically in a short time.


Buckmasters Similarities
Besides being virtually identical on most of the physical specifications of the Buckmasters series, the Coyote Special also shares the same eye relief, field of view, and makes adjustment in 1/4 MOA. The Coyote rifle scopes also share the Full Lifetime Warranty, and quick focus eyepiece of the Buckmasters series.


Nikon Coyote Special Key Information

Overview 3-9 x 40mm Realtree Max-1 3-9 x 40mm Mossy Oak Resources

BDC Predator Reticle

Camo Finish Options

Full Lifetime Warranty

Anit Reflective Device

3-9x Realtree 3-9x Mossy Oak


Options 4.5-14 x 40mm Black Matte 4.5-14 x 40mm Realtree Max-1 Competition

3-9 x 40mm

4.5-14 x 40mm

4.5-14x Black

4.5-14x Realtree

Nikon Buckmaster


Leupold Mark AR


Nikon M223


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Nikon is known making quality optics, and usually giving the customer a lot of scope for a decent price. While the Coyote Special is obviously based on the Nikon Buckmasters series (which is a good scope in its own right) it is nice to see Nikon go after a growing market like predator hunting. Right now there is a shortage of high quality scopes that are camouflaged, and while predator hunters can apply there own aftermarket coatings, the thought of having a several hundred dollar scope look like an arts and crafts project gone wrong will keep most shooters from attempting a project like that. The Coyote Special will also likely please many varmint hunters with its easy add on anti reflective device, which is a simple yet effective accessory. The reticle with its large circles will probably take some shooters a little getting use to, but doesn’t seem to be receiving much if any criticism. All in all the Coyote is definitely a candidate to consider when looking for a new predator scope.

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