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Leupold Rifleman Review

For those who want to save a little more money over the VX-1 series, the Leupold Rifleman scope series offers some options. Reviews of the Rifleman were similar in a lot of way to the old VX-I series. Again, value was one of the most positively commented on aspects of this riflescope. With a price tag of about $200 for a 3-9x40mm scope, a large number of reviewers felt this Leupold scope provided a lot of scope for the money. For this price point, many were impressed with the quality of the optics, and its ability to gather light which know doubt was related to the comments of how bright the view was as well. Leupold's lifetime guarantee was also often mentioned, as many reviewers felt this was a great bonus for a scope costing around $200. These scopes being made in America also drew praise from many owners who again were impressed with a scope at this price point being made in the United States. Like the VX-I, the Rifleman received criticism for having a hard to adjust magnification ring, and for not its windage and elevation turrets not clicking when adjusted. Also, there was a comment or two about this scope making windage and elevation adjustment in 1/2moa increments instead of 1/4moa increments.


Leupold Rifleman Key Information

Overview 2-7 x 33mm 3-9 x 40mm Resources

Lifetime Guarantee




1/2"MOA Adjustments


Matte Finish

2-7x33 Scope 3-9x40 Scope


Options 3-9 x 50mm 4-12 x 40mm Competition

2-7 x 33mm


3-9 x 40mm


3-9 x 50mm


4-12 x 40mm

3-9x50 Scope 4-12x40

Bushnell XLT


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These Leupold scopes appear to very similar to the not discontinued VX-I series, with two minor exceptions. First, the Rifleman is available in fewer options, usually with a matte finish and a duplex crosshair only, the one exception being the being the 3-9x40mm QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) edition, which features the Rifleman Ballistic Reticle. Second, these scopes are adjusted in 1/2moa adjustments instead of the more standard 1/4moa found on most riflescopes in its category. By offering a more limited line of rifle scopes with fewer choices of finish and reticles the price was shaved about $30 from the VX-I scopes, which already receives high marks for value. However, the Redfield Revolution offers nearly identical specifications and is about $50 dollars cheaper, has Accu-Range (holdover reticle) available in all magnification configurations, and makes 1/4moa click windage and elevation adjustments.


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