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The Leupold VX-6 a Very Variable Scope

Common Features
6x Magnification Ratio - The new Leupold VX-6 scopes feature a wide 6x magnification range, and are currently offered in: 1-6x, 2-12x, 3-18x, and 4-24x models. The obvious advantage of such a large magnification range is versatility, and while there are only two configurations currently available in this line, those options cover most all big game and predator hunting applications.


Leupold 4-24-52


High End - Leupold introduced its Quantum Optical System for most of its hunting riflescope series; this system starts with lead free glass lenses and then adds various unique Leupold optics technologies to complete the “System”. The Leupold VX6 uses the best technologies from every category including: the Xtended Twilight lens coatings, the DiamondCoat 2 lens coating, Argon/Krypton waterproofing, and blackened lenses edges for maximum light transmission.


Illuminated Models - Some of these VX-6 models can be had with an illuminated reticle. Different crosshair options are available depending upon which model is being considered; however, all illuminated reticle options in the this scope series are based on Firedot reticles. The illuminated Firedot series of crosshairs was introduced on the Leupold's VX-R scope line and feature red illuminated dots in the center of the crosshair. The Firedot reticles on the VX-6 models have 12 manually adjustable illumination settings for optimal target contrast in various lighting conditions.


Custom Dial System - All models in this series are Custom Dial System (CDS) compatible, and come with a coupon for a free CDS dial. The scopes are initially shipped with a standard, usually 1/4 MOA, elevation dial and you can then use your free coupon for a custom elevation dial by contacting Leupold and ordering an elevation dial that matches your specific cartridge load combination. Once you receive your custom dial you just swap out the original 1/4 MOA dial with your new custom dial and you’re in business. Additional custom dials can be ordered for different loads or calibers for about $60 as of this writing.


30mm Main Tube - The VX6 rifle scopes use a 30mm main tube, except the 4-24x52 version which uses a 34mm main tube, which aids in giving these scopes both a large field of view and wide range of internal adjustment for both windage and elevation. Despite having a 30mm main tube the 2-12x42mm version weighs in at just over a pound at 16.8oz with the illuminated version weighing an ounce more.


Leupold VX-6 Key Information

Overview Leupold VX-6 1-6x24mm Resources

6x Magnification Ratio


Custom Dial System


Firedot Reticle Options


Xtended Twilight Coating


DiamondCoat 2 Coating




N. American Hunter

Options Leupold VX-6 2-12x42mm Competition

1-6x24mm   - Buy Now


2-12x42mm - Buy Now


3-18x44mm - Buy Now


3-18x50mm - Buy Now


4-24x52mm - Buy Now


Bushnell Elite 6500




Parallax Adjustment - Both of the 3-18x and 4-24x52mm models are equipped with a side focus parllax adjustment; while neither the 1-6x24 nor the 2-12x42mm VX-6 models are equipped with parallax adjustment. However all models with illuminated reticles have a left side turret that looks like a side focus parallax adjustment knob but this is the control button for the Firedot reticle intensity settings. Like the VX-R the VX-6 uses Leupold’s Motion Sensor Technology to both activate the unit when its senses movement and also to eventually shut off the unit’s illumination after a period of inactivity.


Options - While the VX-6 is still a relatively new series it offers a wide variety of selection. Between the the four magnification options there are currently 10 configurations some with several reticle offerings, and currently all these scopes are offered only in a matte black finish.


Pros and Cons

Pros - Leupold put all their best features into these scopes, and the competition is currently pretty limited in this highly versatile scope class with the Bushnell Elite 6500 likely to be the VX-6’s biggest competitor. However, the Leupold differentiates itself in from the Elite 6500 scopes by offering both illuminated options, as well as free custom elevation dials.


Cons - These scope come in at a tough price point above what many people are willing to pay for a high quality hunting scope like a Leupold VX-3 and just slightly below an entry level Swarovski scope or other high end European manufacturers. However, the VX-6 does offer more versatility than the above mentioned models so its not really an apple to apple comparison.


Ultimately what sets the Leupold VX-6 apart from most other scopes is its wide magnification ratio which also translates to versatility, combined with a literal laundry list of the most advanced features available from one of the most respected optics makers in the world, and it isn’t a question of whether people will like this scope, but rather a question of is the market for this type of scope large enough to convince Leupold to keep the VX6 in its product line for years to come. Those seeking one scope to do handle a variety of different hunting applications and environments will want to take a close look at this new Leupold.


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